Q. My school does not have a big budget to bring in outside programs.

A. Schools can realize enormous savings by referring other schools or taking advantage of group programs.

          Contact  the Gloryworks office to learn how easy it is to bring the production to your school. The Gloryworks fee is very reasonable.


Q. My school does not have an auditorium. We have no place to accommodate such a program.  

A. The Gloryworks Experience is designed to be adaptable for a wide variety of settings. Gloryworks works very well in

          classroom, cafeteria, or gymnasium settings.

Q. My students are all elementary level. Would this presentation be too mature for them?

A. All kids enjoy an exciting story. Gloryworks is just that!  The Gloryworks presentation is very adaptable to the needs of the

          audience. The dialogue is simplified for younger audiences.

Q. If I want to schedule several presentations at my school for several days, do I get a discount.

A. Yes! Click on the E-mail link to find out about discount rates.

Q. We have too many students to fit into one presentation.

A. Schools may choose the full-day, multiple-presentation format. Gloryworks has covered entire school populations of over

          1400 students by dividing the population into groups.