M. Long:  I learned a lot of things about the history of blacks.  Mr. Chamberlain talked like he knew Richard Wright  personally.  He talked about people that I haven't heard of or thought I knew about.  He gave me lots of information that I can use in the future.


J. Scott:  Mr. Chamberlain did a fine job on his presentation.  The plaster sculptures brought the characters to life.  He said many facts that I did not realize. There are many unsung heroes who are African-American.  He helped many of us students by making us more aware of their accomplishments.


T. Endsley:  I was amazed by the numerous topics Mr. Chamberlain spoke of.  Once he was telling us about his knowledge of ions and things dealing with science; then he would tell about historical people and events.  I was impressed by his artwork.  Also, I hope I can read the other books by Richard Wright mentioned by Mr. Chamberlain.


M. Bratcher:  Mr. Chamberlain did a great job of speaking and I think that maybe he should speak again next year if you can convince him to.


M. Clements:  Mr. Chamberlain had many interesting points and I enjoyed listening to him. The thing that I enjoyed most was his bust of Malcolm X.


A. Campbell: Mr. Chamberlain, in my opinion, kept a good audience when he was speaking to us.  He really made me think.


B. Laulibuh:  Before yesterday, I had not looked upon the African-American community as I do now.  They have a very unique background and their history is very distinct.  Although I am not African-American, I found the things he had to say very moving.


N. Evans: I learned more about the history of African-Americans that I would had in one month. I hope that you will be able to come next year and share with the  new 8th graders.

S. Speel: Thank you so much for coming to our class. I enjoyed every minute of it. I learned a whole lot. What made it better is that you made each story very interesting. I listened to everything you said and it helped me understand. It was very fun. I hope you come back to our school.

C. Wilburn: I found it fascinating and interesting. There were many stories you told us that I had never heard of before. I think I might have learned more about Black History in your hour presentation than in 7 years of history. You did a great job and I would love to hear more.

Z. Elliot: Mr. Chamberlain, I'm very thankful that you came to visit my class. I love history, it's my favorite subject. Many people don't think that African-American history is that important. So in history we don't learn too much about it. It's good that someone as talented and artistic as you will take the time to teach other people.